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French Art of JEWELRY



realizes the dream of an ideal jewel.

To fulfill the deepest aspirations of its clients, EARTH BLUSH offers in its Parisian ateliers the finest French craftsmanship and a perfect knowledge of the fabulous Natural Gems of the Earth.

Our Private Jeweler, whose expertise is rooted back in the traditions of Jewelers of the Court, has the highest regard for the French Art of Joaillerie. Seeking out excellence with a natural sense of discretion , she achieves all the steps in Paris, from design to creation.

Furthermore, succeeding in sharing her multicultural roots and inspirations from her numerous trips all over the world through her creations, she loves to listen in order to offer to each client a bespoke and personal advice, turning a wish into a unique masterpiece.

This Bespoke & Exclusive experience of designing the perfect unique piece of jewelry ravishes the most discerning and passionate persons.

Photo Ring Solitaire Platinum Diamonds
Photo Yellow Gold Opal Ring