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French Art of JEWELRY

CSR policy

Respect for Human Rights, fundamental freedoms, as well as our natural environment and ethical business practices in particular, stand for the core values of EARTH BLUSH.

Therefore, EARTH BLUSH respects rigorously the Kimberley Process and certifies that all of its diamonds set in its jewelry creations are cut by legitimate sources and are not involved in armed conflicts according to the written guarantees of the suppliers.

Besides, EARTH BLUSH focuses on ethical, social, and responsible environmental practices, in observance of fundamental Human Rights and carefully selects suppliers who hold in high regard rules of good conduct, related to diamonds, gemstones and precious metals supply chains.

Moreover, EARTH BLUSH fully supports the Code of good practices of the RJC
(Responsible Jewel Council) and relies on the Know-How of Parisian craftsmen who are full members themselves.